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Savonnerie escale Nature

Coconut bicarbonate household soap

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    A plant-based version of our local laundry stain remover soap but with many other uses around the house thanks to the generous amount of sodium bicarbonate it contains.

    A must have for stains of all kinds on clothing.

    Lots of ways to use it for home maintenance.

    Formerly used by our grandmothers, country soap has amply proven itself over the years and is still very popular, it has not ceased to amaze us. This vegetable version is just as effective thanks to the bicarbonate that we have added in large proportion.

    Ingredients : organic coconut oil, water, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide.

    How to use: For best results, wet the stain before applying the soap, then rub and let the garment sit for a few hours before sending it to the laundry.



    • Huile de coco biologique
    • Eau
    • Bicarbonate de sodium
    • Hydroxyde de sodium. 

    Le prix indiqué est pour un savon de 110 gr.

    À propos de l'odeur

    Savon non-parfumé

    Comment l'utiliser

    Pour un résultat optimal, mouillez la tache avant d'appliquer le savon puis frottez et laissez reposer le vêtement quelque heures avant de l`'envoyer à la lessive.

    Savon ménager coco bicarbonate Éclat-temps