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Savonnerie escale Nature

Country soap in gel

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    Our gel country soap is a concentrated stain remover. It has the same cleaning power as the brick country soap but it is in gel form and is made using the hot pot process.

    Formerly used by our grandmothers, the local soap has proven itself over the years and is still very popular. He hasn't finished blowing us away.

    Ingredients: Water, beef tallow, coconut oil, potassium hydroxide, borax.

    How to use: For best results, wet the stain before applying the soap, then rub and let the garment sit for a few hours before sending it to the laundry.

    Price shown is for a 250ml bottle



    • Eau
    • Suif de bœuf
    • Huile de coco
    • Hydroxyde de potassium
    • Borax

    Le prix indiqué est pour une bouteille de 250 ml.

    Contenant recyclable.

    Comment l'utiliser

    Pour un résultat optimal, mouillez la tache avant d'appliquer le savon puis frotter et laissez reposer le vêtement quelques heures avant de l`'envoyer à la lessive. 

    Savon du pays en gel Éclat-temps
    Savon du pays en gel Éclat-temps